How to write my website content?

As we mentioned in our article SEO - Search Engine Optimatization, your website text content provides the right amount of the information for Google (called content SEO), which determines your search engine rankings and accuracy. This is the basis on which Google will display your page for a given word or for a particular phrase.

Many people think that writing the text for a website is easy: you just formulate a few ideas, summarise in a few lines what you should know about your services and products. This is not the right approach: you need to define the target audience and objectives of the website in advance, then design the basic structure of the pages, and then do the keyword research. The last step is to write the actual text for all the pages of your website.

  1. Your website's target audience
    Defining your target audience is not only important for the design of your website, it is also essential for the writing of your texts. For example, the way you address the people reading your site should be consistent (all cases you should use pronouns or prepositions, and not mixing them).
  1. Objective
    The more precisely you can define your own goals, the more likely you are to find the right audience sooner. The target may include a precise definition of your price range, the products you offer, your product categories, your services.
  1. Structure of your website
    After defining the objectives and the target audience, the basis for the structure of the website will be clear for you, from which you will have to determine how the subpages should be positioned in relation to each other, how the menu system should look, etc.
  1. Keyword research
    Ideally, 3-5 keywords should be defined for a page, the most important of which is the main keyword (usually this will also be the name/title of the page, e.g.: Graphic Design). If you are starting to search for keywords on your own, you should start by defining the main keyword: how would you search for the service, product or page. It's a pretty cheap solution, but it will be useful for copywriting.
    If you chose us to do the keyword researchwe will define 5 keywords/phrases for the website you are building, including the focus keyword.
    You can then include these terms in your website text in the ways you specify (e.g. include a word as a title, etc.).
  1. Copywriting
    There are many things to do before you can start writing the actual text content of your website. If you go through the steps above, you should have the basics down.
    You know the style of wording you need, so you can aim for a more balanced text. Defining the objective will help you to create the text you want to write about your business, services or products.
    You know which text you need where in the website structure. This is important for internal link building as part of content SEO, so you can be clear about the use of interlinking buttons - links - within your website. This will help search engines and visitors to navigate more easily.
    It's essential that the keywords you specify appear at least 1-2 times in the text you write - this will help reassure Google's search engine that your page is providing relevant content to users.

On a subpage, it's a good idea to keep the text between 200-400 words, as this is the amount of content that can be read more quickly, which can improve your ranking in search results later on.


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