Grafikai alapfogalmak

Graphic design - Basic terms

Vector graphics is a type of computer graphics that is made up of points, lines, curves, shapes, and is mathematically based to produce lossless results at all sizes. Pixel graphics / raster graphics Graphics made up of pixels, which are...

Miért hozzak létre google fiókot a weboldalam számára?

Why should I make Google MyBusiness for my Website?

Creating a free Google account can be seen as a perfect investment, as it will feed your business and its growth, and last but not least it will also allow you to index your website with Google Search Consol, which is the...

Weboldal készítés alappillérei

Webpage making basics

A website needs a stable foundation, these pillars are defined with the client before the development of the website starts. We would like to give you a little help with this. From a technical point of view, the hosting and the domain are the most important...

SEO - Search Engine Optimatization


Useful terms about graphic design, photography and webdesign

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