Complex package

  • unique design
  • webshop modul integration
  • Making the main page and 10 subpages (product categories) .
  • upload 100 products to your site .
  • contact form
  • cookie consent form
  • connecting Google search engine (SEO)
  • tablet and mobile optimisation
  • Online Admin Interface user training (optional)

The Complex Website Development Package is for businesses that want to have a webshop or just have a few products or services that they would like to sell online. We create a consistent web design for your entire website, which is custom-built instead of templates. Mobile device optimization is an important part of our web design work, allowing us to achieve the right user experience on all devices.

In addition to our Complex package, we also recommend ordering our Google SEO keyword research service, which is perfectly complements this web design package.

Complex package contains


WordPress webshop - Main page + 10 subpages

In all cases, we develop a custom-built, NOT template-based WordPress webshop.

The ecommerce engine opens up a lot of possibilities for a website, so the Home page or subpages can also serve as your Store or Category pages.
We will show you the fundamentals of your website after the main page is done, and the webshop modul have been integrated. These basics which you can review, and make notes so we know what we need to change in the design. Once the appropriate user interface has been accepted, we will start building other subpages of your site. We will need you to provide us with the text and other documents, images you want to use on the website. In addition to the main page plus 10 subpages, we will create all the pages necessary for the smooth operation of the webshop (My Account, Cart, Checkout, Product Page), as well as the Cookie Policy page, GDPR (Privacy Policy) and Terms and Conditions pages. For the latter two pages, the customer provides the text of the pages. We will provide the Cookie Policy page with the required pop-up warning.

Ecommerce basics

The number one ecommerce engine WooCommerce will be connected to your Wordpress website for managing your products, orders and order confirmations, among other things. During the development process, we will include 100 products of your choise. Also category pages can be used as subpages - we include 10 subpages. During the optimization of your ecommerce engine, we will design custom order confirmation emails, custom product page, cart, checkout, and account pages. We will set up your desired shipping and payment methods as well.

If you have more than 100 products, the additional uploading costs 150 HUF / product.

If you want to add more unique categories or subpages than the number of subpages specified in the package (10 pcs), you have the option to do so at a price of 4.000 HUF per page.

Header and Footer - Contact form

Create a custom header and footer by displaying the requested data. The contact form is placed in the footer by default, this allows visitors to contact you immediately via text message through the website. We can place the contact form not only in the footer, but anywhere on the main page if you wish.

Tablet and Mobile optimisation

With an average of 70-80% of website views now coming from mobile devices, it's essential that your website is optimised accordingly.
On request, we offer mobile first design (the entire website is developed with a mobile look and feel in mind), so we can optimise the entire website specifically for a mobile audience.

Connecting Google search engine

We will link your website to search engines such as Google, and we will do a basic search engine optimization for your website, including the most relevant keywords for your website and assigning a social sharing image to the finished site.
It's important to note that basic search engine optimisation does not include keyword research, so relevant keywords are based on the services and texts you provide. If you want more organic traffic for your website we recommend you also order our Google SEO keyword research service, which is excelent for complementing this web design package.

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