Index package

  • unique design
  • one page website
  • contact form
  • cookie consent form
  • connecting Google search engine (SEO)
  • tablet and mobile optimisation

Az Index weboldal fejlesztési csomagot kifejezetten azoknak a kisvállalkozásoknak ajánljuk, akik minél egyszerűbben de lényegre törő információkkal szeretnének szolgálni a weboldalukra látogatók számára. A one page (egyoldalas) weboldalak hatékonysága az egyszerűségükben rejlik, és tökéletes választás azok számára akik mobile first (teljes mértékben mobil telefon kijelzőre optimalizált) honlapot szeretnének.

100 000 Ft

Index package contains


One Page WordPress Website

For a WordPress based one-page website, we always create a custom website, NOT a template based one. The main page will contain all the useful content of your business. Plus we will create a Cookie Policy page and optionally a GDPR (Privacy Policy), Terms and Conditions pages. For the latter two pages, the customer provides the text of the pages. We provide the Cookie Policy pages text with the required pop-up warning.

Header and Footer - Contact form

Create a custom header and footer by displaying the requested data. The contact form is placed in the footer by default, this allows visitors to contact you immediately via text message through the website. We can place the contact form not only in the footer, but anywhere on the main page if you wish.

Tablet and Mobile optimisation

With an average of 70-80% of website views now coming from mobile devices, it's essential that your website is optimised accordingly.
The Index package is perfect for mobile-first website design, making it the perfect choice for a mobile-first audience.

Connecting Google search engine

We will link your website to search engines such as Google, and we will do a basic search engine optimization for your website, including the most relevant keywords for your website and assigning a social sharing image to the finished site.
It's important to note that basic search engine optimisation does not include keyword research, so relevant keywords are based on the services and texts you provide. If you want more organic traffic for your website we recommend you also order our Google SEO keyword research service.

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