Google SEO keyword research

Do you want the search engine optimization of your Wordpress website to be done in a professional way?

During our Google SEO keyword research, we add relevant search terms, Meta titles and Meta descriptions to your website, and we also assign a unique Social Media sharing image to the pages that have undergone keyword research.

  • For your homepage we give you 5+1 keywords and their Meta title and description
  • In addition we also do keyword research for 6 other subpages of your choise
  • We create a unique social media share image for all your keyword researched pages


If you want keyword research for more than 6+1 pages, we can offer it for 3000 HUF per page

25 000 Ft

Google SEO keyword research contains
  • We do specific keyword research for the pages you want (You should do the keyword research before writing the texts for your site, but if your site already has ready-made texts, we will use them to determine the keywords you need)
  • Formulate appropriate meta titles and descriptions based on the keyword research term and the content of the given page
  • We create individual Facebook sharing images for the pages we researched and assign the pictures to the specific pages.


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