Why should I make Google MyBusiness for my Website?

Creating a free Google account can be seen as a perfect investment, as it will feed your business and its development, and last but not least it will also allow you to index your website with Google Search Consol, which is a small part of Technical SEO .

We will show you what Google can do for you and how it can help your business grow.

But before that, we will clarify one concept for you, which is index.


For your website pages to appear in Google search results, they must be indexed by the search engine.

The indexing process starts when Google starts to crawl your website, for example based on a submitted site map, it examines all pages to see if they are technically suitable to be included in Google's search results.

Google account

Most people probably already have their own Google account, but why should they sign up for a new one?
Because this account is also used for business purposes, such as Mybusiness, Analytics, Search Console or Adwords, it is also recommended to create a new account so that your private life does not interfere with your business life.

Creating a Google Account is extremely simple and free, and you can get started by following this link .

Google Search Console

Its primary function is to connect your website to Google's search engine, where your Sitemap can be uploaded, and it also does the mapping and indexing of your site.
You can also find out how many times your pages have appeared in searches, the average ranking for your pages in Google, or how many people have clicked on your pages.

Of course, the link to Search Console is included in our website development, so all you have to do is look at the numbers, and grow with the help of them.

Search Console

Google Analytics

If you like to study numbers, Analytics will be your friend because, in terms of functionality, it collects all the data related to your website and you will be able to use these numbers to make the right business decisions.

Some examples of what you can learn from the data measured by Google Analytics

  • Number os your pageviews
  • What days and times of day people visit your pages
  • Demographic and interest reports
  • What platforms people visit your site from
    • Direct reach
    • Organic search results
    • Advertised search results
    • Social media sites 

Connecting Google analytics

Google MyBusiness

An essential and free platform for new businesses, where you can provide your business details, appear on Google Maps and connect with potential or existing customers.

You can read more from our Set up Google MyBusiness blog post.

Google Ads – AdWords

The last one we'll outline is Google Ads, which is a Pay Per Click (PPC) platform. It gives you opportunities for creating and managing ads on Google, which means that you pay for Google for people click to your site.

Google Ads

If you want us to create your Google Account and Google My Business interface for you, you can count on us!

If you feel that you need these but don't have the capacity to do them, we can set up a Google account for you and set up Google Mybusiness for you. You can order this service on our website for just 10,000 HUF by clicking here !

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