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High quality digital and printed graphics are part of the professional image of a business. These include logos, business cards, letterheads, invitations, flyers, promotional graphics, packaging and more...

Digital or Printable graphic design

Maybe both?

Professional development is very important to us, so we use an increasing variety of methods and graphic solutions. We have a wide range of digital and printable solutions to suit everyones needs.

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Logo design

Logo design at Blended Studios is a complex process, and the end result will be a logo that reflects your business in the most faithful way. Logos are created in vector graphic format, which has the advantage of being able to print at any size without loss of quality.

When designing a logo, we not only take into account that the finished logo should perfectly reflect your business, but also the logo should be perfectly usable in monochrome environment. We provide different possibilities using the logo and we show it for you in a presentation document. 

You can check our logo design process in our Corporate design page

Business card design

When we meet prospective customers in person, our business can be represented by your business card. The card should be clear and understandable, and must fit to your corporate image. 

A business card says a lot about who we are. When you are in a business meeting, don't underestimate its power! In many cases this small piece of artwork could place you into a higher level - so the prospective client maybe will choose you insted of your competitor.

Digital graphic design

(facebook, instagram, google ads, banners for webpages)

Our branding plays a huge role not only in print, but also through digital channels. Most marketing communication is now happening online, so our digital presence is just as important as our printed content.

Most digital graphics are found on websites, as every element of a well-designed website must meet high graphic standards.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are currently the most widely used social networking sites and can make a big contribution to business success. This is mostly helped by the ability to connect with customers and guests and the provided marketing opportunities. The right imagery is one of the best tool to raise peoples awareness. This is how they decide to move on or open your content.

From a marketing point of view google adwords plays a big role when it comes to digital graphic designs. For google ads you need to have complete graphical resources which means for one advertising you will use 5-8 different graphic images with different aspect ratios.

Editable pricelist design

Do you want your price list to look nice and match your image, but your prices change often? Our editable price list is the right choice for you! We design the background of your price list in a graphic design program, then we add your current prices in a word document. We deliver the final work in printable .pdf, digitally usable .png, and editable word formats.

Gift card design

Printable Gift card

Whether you need a classic gift card, a gift voucher or a simple coupon, we can offer you a printable graphic design, which is created with the option to fill in the relevant information by hand, such as the value of the bonus, the treatment it can be used for and the name of the person who is allowed to use it.

Digital Gift Card

If you care about the environment and want to offer your customers/clients the opportunity to buy a gift card, then the digital gift card is for you! Similar to our editable price list, with the digital gift card, the requested text will be editable for you and thanks to the serialization option, your customers will not be able to misuse your digital gift card. 

Brochure & flyer design

You can think of a brochure as a mini handy website, it will provide a quick but comprehensive overview of you, your business, your services or your products. This information can be presented in a single or double-sided A4 format, in a foldable double-sided booklet, or even in an optional multi-page booklet.

Poster design

The poster is one of today's most widely used printed advertising media, with countless potential uses. One of the biggest advantages of a poster is that it's not just printed on a specific material, but you can choose the most suitable medium for your needs, in most cases the graphics are printed on pcv, but the more popular solutions include textiles, tarpaulins and mesh.

Popular information that can be used on posters: company name, services, products offered, current promotions, contact details, or any marketing-related graphics.

Letterhead design

Letterhead is an A4 size printable or writable sheet of paper that faithfully reflects your business's image with the right header and footer design and comes with your choice of paper type.

We also do other graphic design work, you can send us your specific requests here!

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