Set up Google MyBusiness

The completely free Google MyBusiness can be important for a business in many ways, some of which we'll show you, and then you'll learn how to create a business profile for yourself and what you should definitely set up.

Benefits of Google Mybusiness

An excellent contact and information platform for your customers, where your company's main details, contact details and opening hours can be displayed. Your existing customers can appreciate your work, products and services, so when a new customer comes across your company profile, they can see all the useful information and feedback about you, which in many cases can be a crucial factor in their decision for choosing you.

You're also more likely to be found in Google searches, as Google likes to rank businesses with a MyBusiness account higher in the search results list.

If you have a business location, it will also be displayed in the google maps system, if you are clicked on google maps will show your contact details, photos uploaded by you or your customers, and your reviews as well.

Setting up MyBusiness

1. Navigate to the Google MyBusiness then click the sign in button in the top right corner.

It's worth creating a separate g-mail account for google MyBusiness, so that you can keep things related to your business separate from your personal account. If you don't already have a g-mail account, or if you want to take our advice and create a new one, you can find a Blog post on this link.

2. Click on Add your business to Google button

3. Add your company name for example Blended Studios then click on the More button

4. Enter your business category - Start typing in your business and then select the one that best suits you from the drop-down menu. e.g. Graphic designer then click on the More button

5. You can specify if you have a shop/office where customers can reach you - If you do, you can tick the yes button in the next step to specify where exactly it is located.

6. Enter the address of your business, if you are available at more than one address you can enter the additional details in the following section

7. Enter the phone number where customers can reach you, or if you already have a website, enter the web address e.g. https://blendedstudios.huif you don't have a website, or its currently in develop then click the I don't need a website. option.

8. In the next section, you can choose to have Google send you emails about news and deals

9. Click the Finish button. Now you set up your basics but you are not done here.

10. The next step is to prove to Google that you own the business. Based on the information you provide and by entering a contact, you can click on the send mail button to request a letter with a verification code, which Google will send you by post within 14 days.

11. Click the More button, and compleete your MyBusiness registration

Remember, when you receive the letter from google, you must verify your business with the verification code, following the instructions in the letter.

First steps in your MyBusiness page

Once you've created your Google Business profile, you'll see your dashboard on the left and the main page of your Google MyBusiness account in the middle of the page

It's worth completing and personalising your MyBusiness.

1. Click to the informations menu on your dashboard

Here you can specify what services you provide, add opening hours, list the products you offer, specify your services, add a short description of your business and even add photos to your company profile

2. Click to photos tab on your dashboard

Here you can add your company's emblem (logo), your profile photo, as well as additional pictures and videos of your company.

Congratulations, if you have everything set up, you have an active and personalized Google Business Profile that will be fully visible in Google's text and map search system after the confirmation of the letter sent by Google!

If you want us to create your Google Account and Google My Business interface for you, you can count on us!

If you feel that you need these but don't have the capacity to do them, we can set up a Google account for you and set up Google Mybusiness for you. You can order this service on our website for just 10,000 HUF by clicking here !


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