Photo & Videography

With our main profile in mind, we can help you create the photos you need for your business, provide you with professional quality images for graphics, adding content to your website, capturing your image, showcasing your team or illustrating the products and services you offer. (Service is only avilable in Helsinki area, Finland)

We can take photos or even videos of a wide range of subjects, using a specific method depending on the subject. Only avilable in Hungary!

Real estate and building photography

School portrait photography

Portrait photography

Wedding photography

Event and concert photography

Food and product photography

Why choose us?

Expertise, all in one place, special solutions - outstanding visual world

For photography and videography work, professionalism and creative vision are important, and by combining the two, we can deliver a final result that reflects the vision the client wants to convey to their clients.

Thanks to his photographic training, Ricsi uses tools not used by other photographers in the production and post-production of the photos, so we can offer you an outstandingly high quality visual world.

Why do you need professional photos alongside your corporate image?

The identity is only half-finished if it contains only vector graphics, in many cases the graphics must include photos to create a striking and eye-catching visual world. The best example of this is your business website, or even your brochure - your service or the products you offer, or even the place you work, if you combine these photos in the right way to build up the graphics you can offer a much more attractive end result to your target audience, and this is most effective when you don't have to use stock photography.

Real Estate

Exterior and Interior spaces

Would you like toshowcase your business headquaters? With the help of professional interior and exterior photos, we will provide you with the best possible result to give your clients/customers the most realistic image of your business headquarters.


Would you like to introduce yourself, your business, your services, your products, the place where you work with a short video? You've come to the right place! We can provide you with high quality video material at a reasonable price, in fullHD or even 4K quality, which you can use on any platform you need, be it facebook, youtube or google.

You can get the final video product from 100 EUR reguarding how long is it.


The most important part of the business is the person or people behind it. Introduce yourself and your colleagues to your target audience through high-quality portrait photographs. Let us take the photos and you won't be disappointed!

Photos of
product and
Your services

Egy fotó többet ér ezer szónál… ez főként igaz, ha egy általad kínált szolgáltatásról vagy termékről készíttetsz velünk fényképeket.


Cosmetic stationery

kozmetikai szalon belső fotózása

Hotel szoba

Szállodai szoba fotózás

Best for You kozmetika

Kozmetikai kezelés fotózása

Panzió szoba

Szállás belső fotózása

Cosmetic stationery

Kozmetikai kezelés fotózása

Sólyomfi lélekemelő Kozmetika

Kozmetikai szalon fotózása

Szállodai welness

Wellness, Spa fotózása

Cosmetic stationery

Szolgáltatások fotózása

If you come across a term you don't know, you can find an explanation in our Blog!

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